Natural Avalanche on Climax Path

Natural Avalanche on Climax Path


From email: "Observed very limited terrain due to vis. Saw this very large avalanche on Climax. The crown looks fresh, so it likely occurred the day or night of 4/1?
Hard to tell but the crown looks to be about 4-6’ deep at its deepest. The debris ran to the creek.
E aspect at 10000’.

There were also several smaller soft slab avalanches that ran on the lookers right side of Climax.

On 4/1 we had a large collapse on a SE aspect at 9800’ where the MF crust was present under 60cm of new snow.

Winds were L-M with consistent gusts to S on Saturday."

Cooke City
Location (from list)
Woody Ridge
Observer Name
Nina Hance