Snowpit Profiles

These pits are generated using a FREE and easy to use program available at Through Snowpilot, snowpit data can be uploaded to a international database for use by researchers to study avalanches.

Watch a video that shows how to download and use the software.

Go to either the AAA page about Snow, Weather, and Avalanche Guidelines (SWAG), or NAC websites to get detailed guidelines on snowpits and stability tests.


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From skier obs 2/27/21: "~6-8" of fresh snow. No wind loading or significant signs of instability. Calm winds with scattered clouds and occasional very light snow. Dug a pit at the summit. ... I found plenty depth hoar at the bottom of the snowpack. It was not as weak as what I've seen earlier this season (4F), but we're still talking 4+ mm grains with well formed cups. ECTX and PST 60/120 to end on the depth hoar layer. Pit profile attached."