Snow Observations List

Northern Madison
Big Sky Resort
Winter is coming in Big Sky
Snow Obsdrvation includes images

Fresh dusting on the peaks, looks like snow line around 9500’. I bet Al could try to find a way to ski something up there but the rest of you are probably smarter than that. 

Current conditions at 7800’, NE aspect a mile or two below the second yellowmule:

Surface is very wet with foot penetration 10-20cm mud. Wind light gusting moderate out of the west, air temp 69 degrees F with scattered clouds.

I got one shooting crack in a boulder I was setting, but luckily the fracture did not propagate all the way across the rock. Stability for that rock was poor but not representative of the rest of the area. Primary concern up here is bear activity. I would say natural bear incidents are possible with human-triggered attacks likely, especially if there is outdoor cooking or game processing involved. 

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Northern Gallatin
Emigrant Peak
Emigrant peak observations
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Triggered a small slide underneath the cornice of the southeast chute off of Emigrant peak. The slide was 50 ft wide,  4 inches deep, and ran for about 100 ft. The slide was not large enough to knock you off your feet (D1). The latest storm had deposited about 12 inches of new snow underneath the cornice. 

other older slides were visible on a wind loaded NW oriented slopes at the bottom of the basin. Still feels like winter out there with lots of light snow up high!

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Cooke City
Roller-ball to point release to wet slide
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We saw a point release that mobilized a slab of new snow on an East facing slope off of mt fox in cooke city. 

cool example of a roller ball turning into a point release and into a wet slide avalanche. The new snow had heated up considerably during the day on Sunday. There were some older crowns below a cornice to the north of mt fox (second photo) with slide debris that extended down the whole face (600ft). Likely slid during a storm within the last week

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Bridger Range
Bridger Bowl
Intact gropel layer at bridger l
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found a intact graupel layer buried by 10-14” of fresh snow. Got cracking on it (ectn 17, ct 18) but no propagation. Also saw lots old of storm slabs/wind slab crowns. 

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