Natural Avalanche Near Blackmore

Natural Avalanche Near Blackmore


We skied the ridge north of Blackmore (Tomahawk Ridge?) traveling between 6800' -9200' on SE-NE aspects. We dug two pits. one at 8000' on a NE aspect, HS 170cm fair structure, good strength. ECTN24 @ 45cm below the surface. With loupe and card I could find a few SH feathers on the failure plain. 

Second Pit. 9200', NE, previously loaded. HS 210. ECTN28@ -40cm. similar structure but bed surface was much harder (P) old wind board. Couldn't find any surface hoar but found .5mm NSF on failure plain. 

On the ridge above, ~9400' on a NE aspect there was a natural avalanche, maybe cornice failure, probably same timeframe as the Divide slides. ran ~600'.


Wide spread surface hoar on top this morning. Sun was knocking it down on solar slopes by 11:30. Snow (S1) started at ~12:15 

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