Unstable results on wind load

Unstable results on wind load


I toured up to hyalite lake today to check out how the west facing walls in the main fork of hyalite  (hyalite lake drainage ) were stabilizing after last weeks wind.  On Friday I noticed “Provo’s run” (large path near overlook mtn) slid from the top which appeared to have slid due to the heavy wind loading.  The slid looked to be about 24” deep and ran full path .  So today I checked out the west facing walls close the hyalite lake and around 9500’ the upper sections of these slid paths were wind effected and unstable, and I did not ride them 

I dug a pit around 9500’ on the west facing wall near the lake and got unstable results.  ECTP 11 which propagated below the recent wind load from last week.

the snow pack is 240 cm deep and is nice and consolidated without  any major layers on several of the pits I dug at several elevations on these upper elevation west facing walls accept for the wind load on the upper elevations pits 



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Hyalite - main fork