Wind slab in Middle Basin

From obs: "On Friday, my partner and I went into Middle Basin with the objective of skiing Middle Peak, and possibly the short couloir that splits the face. That morning we dug a pit on the east facing aspect of the beehive/middle basin ridge (ECTx). Encouraged by our results, we continued on to the base of middle peak and dug another pit (ECTp 30) on the south-facing ice crust. We continued on to summit middle peak and ski down the face to the entrance of the couloir, we descended 20ft into the entrance on soft loose snow and dug our third pit (ECTx), we replicated our results and decided the feature would be safe to ski. At ~1pm the first skier descended the slope, and triggered a small windslab (4-8in and 20ft wide) about 100ft down the slope and skied away uncaught. Skier 2, descended a lower angle slope to the east."

Advisory Year
Northern Madison, 2021-03-27