Skier triggered large cornice in Beehive Basin

From obs.: "Kicked off a larger than expected cornice as we skinned up the ridge on the W side of Beehive basin. Wind was blowing 20-ish across the opening, cornice had grown pretty good-sized for so little snow. I was making a turn on skins to get back away from the edge when the cornice gave way, probably pulled 25 feet end to end and broke a good 5 feet back from the lee edge of the cornice. I was able to get off the cornice and avoid going over the edge. No activity on the slope below after cornice drop,... although there was a decent hard slab that pulled out just below the ridge when the cornice dropped onto it.... Hard slab on the edges was about 10" deep, some big chunks of cornice on the slope for any future riders..."

Advisory Year
Northern Madison, 2020-12-20